The Bakersfield Community Concert Association enjoys the honor of having the largest membership (over 900) of any cultural organization in our community.

Our Association had its first roots as the Bakersfield Musical Association, founded in 1920 by a group of prominent Bakersfield citizens dedicated to enhancing the cultural development of Bakersfield. Reverend Willis G. White, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Bakersfield, was the first President.  Mrs. Keith McKee was the second President. Among the scores of Bakersfield music lovers that founded the Association were Mr. and Mrs. Dwight L. Clark,  Mr. Harold J. Burt,  Dr. "Zim" Zimmer,  and  Miss Grace Van Dyke Bird.

Supporters of the Kern County Musical Association have included Dorothy M. Donahoe and Henrietta Weill.

In 1963, that group became affiliated with Community Concerts Association, New York City, which allowed our non-profit organization to present the highest quality of national and international attractions available, at a price affordable to all.

The Bakersfield Community Concert Association depends on  loyal volunteers such as Olly BlomDan McGuire ,Jean Baughman and Frances L. Gregg,  who served  BCCA as President and Publicity Director for almost 20 years.       

The original mission of quality artists and affordability remains, and today we are proud to be members of the Western Arts Alliance. We have become independent presenters