At the heart of why Community Bank of Santa Maria was formed, is the explanation of what makes us different. Community Bank of Santa Maria was organized by Jim Glines and Bill Hares; two career bankers who started their professional relationship and long term friendship at Bank of Santa Maria. When Bank of Santa Maria was acquired by a larger regional bank, it didn't take long for Jim and Bill to realize the needs of their community were not being met. They decided to start a new bank; one whose sole purpose was to meet the needs of the community with an emphasis on local decision making. Recognizing that it would require community members to uphold their vision, Jim and Bill sought out Santa Maria Valley residents to become board members. They recruited leaders and influencers with local interests and a sincere concern for the community. With the board in place, Jim and Bill went to work recruiting bank staff that possessed and emulated the same qualities as the bank's Board of Directors. Today, Community Bank of Santa Maria's Board of Directors and staff are comprised of folks who are community members first, and bankers second. They live, work and play where our customers do. They see our customers on our little league fields, at our schools, and in our churches. They share an interest in the same fundraising events, and are dedicated supporters of the same local nonprofit charities. This translates to a unique experience that only a community bank can offer. Prompt decision making by folks that know you and know your community is a hallmark. Whether you're an investor, an employee, or a customer, Community Bank of Santa Maria offers the same thing: the unique experience of being part of a true community. A community where everyone involved works together to create something beneficial for all. We invite you to come see for yourself. Experience 'Santa Maria Style' Banking® from the folks who really understand what it means.

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