My name is Bob Ritchey and, along with my son Mike, we are The Ritchey Team. We are the Residential Income Property Specialists with Coldwell Banker Preferred Realtors® in Bakersfield, California. Coldwell Banker is the number 1 real estate company in our market, with over 130 agents. Our Goal Is To Help Our Clients Become More Successful Investors I truly believe that the best investment vehicle for individuals to become financially successful is residential income property. There are four different methods of creating yield (wealth) with residential income property: Cash Flow Debt Reduction Tax Benefits Appreciation We work with our Clients to help them maximize their yields in each of these areas. The Ritchey Team has developed systems and strategies to provide buyers, sellers, and owners with information so they can become more knowledgeable in understanding and applying the actions that will increase their yields – their return on invesment. I founded the Win the Game of Money Institute in 2005 designed to teach individuals the principles of becoming financially independent. Included in the institute are seminars and information that teach skills for success. I’m also on the Board of Directors for the Matrix Entrepreneur Academy setting up their skills for success curriculum. I’ve now come out of retirement to again join Coldwell Banker Preferred Realtors® and have reestablished my systems and strategies to help new clients have a successful experience in this complex journey. If you have any needs regarding residential income property, you can contact me Bob at (661) 332-4716 or email me at Bob@TheRitcheyTeam.com. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon. To your continued success, Bob Ritchey

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